Here are some images from Disney's Maleficent. I acted as Lead Texture artist for my duration on the show. After I left DD the talented Ben Dishart took over textures for the show and saw it to finish. This show had a talented crew, and I must mention Dan Platt, Stephen Parker, and Matthias Wittmann as well.

There is a great behind the scenes video here, showcasing the R&D DD did while building these assets and performances, check it out here: fxguide: The many faces of Malelficent

I worked mainly on Thistlewit (Green Faerie), and Flittle (Blue Faerie). The images I'm featuring here are of Thistlewit, who is based on the actor Juno Temple. Texture work consisted of facial scan cleanup and general skin texturing of the body and missing areas. Here are some screen grabs of the texture maps in progress:

Raw ICT scan. ©Disney
Texture with cleanup and missing areas filled. ©Disney
Diffuse, bump and spec shown here. ©Disney
In progress shot upclose. ©Disney
The fantastic detail ICT delivers! ©Disney

The texture and shader approach was straightforward and simple. Aside from utility maps, the standard diffuse, spec, bump, displacement and single sss color maps were used.

Early render of Juno. ©Disney
Thistlwit final look. ©Disney

In addition to skin textures, we also were tasked with creating the costumes. Each character had clothes made from plants, primarily leaves and flowers. I developed a small workflow for getting a leaf look, and the images featured here show some of the workflow.

Mask based process. ©Disney
Mari screen grab of leaf in progress. ©Disney
Thistlwit's hat in progress. ©Disney
A closer view of Thistlewit's hat. ©Disney

(I do not own the images in this post, all images here are copyright Disney.)


Jing Li said...

hi,these are amazing. i am studying animation right now, and wanna be a texture painter in the future as well.
By the way, there is no way to follow you on blog?

Sabina M. said...

Wow, this is really amazing. I just started working in Mari and it keeps surprising me!