Mari Python Scripts

I've put up a few scripts to share. These tools extend Mari functionality in ways that I wanted.
Each script is usable on its own, I am keeping it modular so anyone can use a tool they like without having a full blown package of stuff they might not use.

Tested on 2.5.x (Win64, Linux64)
(Note: Everything BUT bnExportGUI should work fine in 2.x.x)

Overview as follows:

Allows creation of Channel Layers.
Options include: New Channel Layer, Channel Layer as Mask, Channel Layer as Mask(Grouped).
Location: Layers Menu, Layers>Layer Mask>Add Mask Menu

Allows "queueing" of Object/Channel/UDIM combos to be exported. Features easy to use GUI (palette) to add and remove udims.
Exporting features include smart bake (only bake udims being exported, no bake on single layer channels), export report, and progress dialog.
Location: View>Palettes>bnExporter

Allows resizing of individual images per layer. I use this to optimize big layer stacks, and reduce resolution when not needed.
Location: Patches Menu

Allows for quick layer mask of selected UDIM
Options include: Layer Mask from Selection, Layer Mask from Selection(invert)
Location: Layers>Mask>Add Mask Menu

You can download them here:
("Download ZIP" button on the right hand side)

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