NCAA and the future

Wrapped up a few Commercials at Motion Theory, one spot for NCAA and another for SoyJoy. Here is a behind the scene render of the asset built for the NCAA piece, the subject was John Wooden. I textured and look developed this model, including shaders and eyes, the image you see here is 100% Maya render, no post work.

(Model/Sculpt provided by William Lambeth)

Here is a render of some Hair I look developed early on.

(Groom provided by Rowsby Ricard)

On break now working on a CG character of my design, hopefully things to post in the next month, then I start at DD again for another robot show.


Quinton Broadwater said...

This looks great Ben, especially since it's just a maya render. I can imagine how much better this will look after post, it's always great to see your texture work. What did you use for the hair?

karans said...

its amazing,your work is such an inspiration for me,it looks amazing


maxloegler said...
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