Random Images

Small update. I'm currently at Digital Domain, working on Transformers2. I recently found some old images I thought might be interesting.

First one, a red ant done for a test for a possible film sequence.

Second one, a digital double of Orlando Jones that was cut. This render only features color, displacement, and very rough bump maps. No subsurface or anything yet. This double I'm most proud of and never got to finish it. Model/Sculpt by Cajun Hylton.

I also found this image, which I think shows the crocodile from Primeval pretty well. We added more loose skin around his neck on this render.


Obbi said...

Wow...Very nice work. Love the texture and detail excellent sculpte 5 stars

Sam Rowan said...

man that croc is really nice.

Jason Kane said...

The texture on the model looks fantastic. Great job!

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Unknown said...

wonderful texture and detail congratulations!